Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge

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Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge

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Hidden truth forbidden knowledge pdf

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In any in-depth study of occult physics, one soon recognises a critical truth: Prior to recorded history many millennia ago there once existed an extremely advanced civilisation on the face of the earth. Global in scale, it was highly evolved in science and technology, and also spirituality.

As time passed though, due to corruption, war, and celestial catastrophe, this ancient civilisation was all but wiped out. Only a remnant remained, mostly composed of the unlettered and the uncultured, as the ancient Greek philosopher Plato recorded.

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Civilisation had thus to begin all over again. Now the great scientific and arcane discoveries of this ancient civilisation were not entirely lost at its fall. The occult knowledge both of spirituality and high science was retained at some level, being secretly transmitted throughout the ages.

GET Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge and Sirius : The Film IS ONLY $! – Sirius Disclosure

Indeed, it developed the aura of being forbidden knowledge dangerous to pursue. In penetrating deep into the world mysteries of occult science and forbidden knowledge one simply cannot ignore the spiritual aspect of the quest. Most especially the various mythological traditions from ancient times that include stories of supernatural deities, great celestial changes, cycles of destruction, and 'end of age' catastrophes.

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