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Christiane Amanpour PDF. This is an English language reading comprehension worksheet about the effects of technology. It is an excellent complement to any lesson focusing on technology and society. I used it in a class with Thai ICT students and I could quickly asses the different English language abilities of the students.

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What effect has technology had on our lives? How to Entertain? Hi, Thanks for the comments.

I have updated the PDFs and fixed all the mistakes. By the way, you just have put a note on the page and I will fix mistakes immediately.

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The books in this section were on a high shelf out of his reach, so he had to fetch a small ladder in order to get one down. Unfortunately, as he was climbing down the ladder, the book he had chosen slipped from his grasp and fell to the floor with a loud crash. Twenty pairs of eyes looked up at him simultaneously annoyed by this unaccustomed disturbance.

Phillip felt himself go red as he picked up his book, which did not seem to have been damaged by its fall, ,. Satisfied that she had done her duty, she turned to go back to her desk.

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Then a sudden thought struck her. He expected the assistant to ask him to leave.

EFSET Sample Reading Passage #2 (intermediate)

The techniques employed by science fiction writers are meant to draw the reader into a world where extraordinary events can occur and unexpected scenarios draw a striking comparison to events which mirror our everyday real life experiences. So good science fictions needs to stay within the limits of what may one day happen, at the same time science fiction writers need to stay away from the genre of fantasy paint a scenario which will never occur.

In addition, any plot as part of a science fiction novel or story needs to mirror events which are familiar to many of us, IT may include the universal ideas of hope and loss.